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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued consumer warnings for several sexual enhancement products.
These products include Cave Diver, X Zen Platinum, Nights To Remember, Get It Up, Super Cheetah, and Reload.For more information, visit

Natural NewsBy Bri Jackson
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(NaturalNews) An itchy bum can almost certainly be found at the top of the "taboo health topics" list, but don't fret -- it's a common problem that may be contributed to a few minor causes. In some cases, the cause of an itchy anus is a bit more serious and may require treatment from...

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The little changes we make every day may seem small, but the results can at times be miraculous. And it all starts with a spark of inspiration. Whether it's dropping five pounds so you have more energy to play with your kids or the memory of a loved one, the motivation to start your wellness journey is an important part to staying on the right path.
Inspired by our book ...

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They may seem like a natural addition to your Chinese takeout menu, but because egg rolls are wrapped in wonton wrappers and fried in vegetable oil, a single one may set you back at least 150 calories. Read: It's time to rehab the favorite food. 
More: 15 Easy Make-...

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As if you needed a reason to avoid buying "cheese" wrapped in plastic, here's a new one: It could cause choking.
Kraft is recalling 36,000 cases of Kraft Singles (which isn't even truly cheese; it's a "pasteurized prepared cheese product") because the package film may stick to the slice after the wrapper has been removed and could be a choking hazard.
Products affected are three-...

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We've all said it before: "I don't have the time to work out." But the question is: Is that really true? Between long workdays and personal obligations, it's hard to squeeze in everything during a hectic week, Sure. However, if you've made the commitment to train for a race, whether it be a 5K or a marathon, then you've made a commitment to carve out the necessary time it...

Chris Kresser
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Blast from the Past
A new study showed that lean or obese, participants maintained overall lower insulin and increased insulin sensitivity with a new source of resistant starch: green bananas. And participants who were obese even saw improvements in their body weight after four weeks of supplementation with green banana...

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A sunscreen by actress Jessica Alba's Honest Company is under fire from online reviewers. While the company's sunscreen rates highly for its eco-friendly, non-toxic formulations, customers have shared...

Natural NewsBy Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
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(NaturalNews) If you want near-real-time breaking news headlines from the independent media's coverage of top presidential candidates, your wish has just been granted! sites bring you up-to-the-hour breaking news headlines from across the independent media!I created...

Natural NewsBy Dr.Sofiya
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(NaturalNews) Most people have seen signs in Chinese and other restaurants proclaiming that their food is "MSG free" or a note on the menu letting diners know that is it possible to have their food prepared without monosodium glutamate. One of the big reasons that consumers became...


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