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School Shootings and Lockdowns: How do Kids Cope?  WebMDSchool shootings have become much more common occurrences in the 21st century. What affect are these events -- and the drills designed to protect kids from ...
2 days 22 hours
The reality of being a psychiatrist inside Chelmsford's Priory Hospital for mental health  Essex Live'I've felt immensely frightened for my safety and that's happened a few times'
2 days 22 hours
Friday, August 16, 2019  Kaiser Health NewsThe tax on generous health plans — originally envisioned as a way to help pay for the ACA and change consumers' behavior — has never been implemented, ...
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First Edition, August 16, 2019  Kaiser Health NewsToday's early morning highlights from the major news organizations.
3 days 5 hours
Erased: How a transgender parent is being kept from his son  Street Roots NewsFor years, his former in-laws have prevented him from being part of the boy's life, in defiance of repeated court orders.
3 days 7 hours
Path smoothed for children who seek to sue schools in assault claims  The AgeThe case of a boy who quit an attempt to sue his school for surgery after an assault by a classmate has sparked changes in how schoolyard injuries are ...
3 days 8 hours
NZ Psychiatrists tautoko handling of synthetic drugs bill Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) welcomes the successful passing of Misuse of Drugs Amendment Bill through ...
3 days 12 hours
Can Teachers Be Trained to Prevent Future School Shootings? Researchers Say Yes  EdSurgeMost school shooters are current or former students. Most are suicidal. And most share their plans in advance. These are among the key findings of The ...
3 days 19 hours
'Red Flag' laws too dangerous to support  GOPUSAHard cases make bad law, as they say, and red flag laws are bad. “Red Flag” laws, which have been a hot topic of discussion since last weekend, are designed ...
3 days 22 hours
Should SC police seize guns based on threats, but no crime? Trump, Lindsey Graham say ‘yes’  Greenville NewsIt doesn't appear likely that South Carolina's Legislature controlled by Republicans agrees with the senator from South Carolina and President Trump.