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How to Enjoy Life Twice as Much, Part 1: Michel de Montaigne and Rick Hanson on Life's Natural Pleasures  Buddhistdoor GlobalThe widely respected contemporary neuropsychologist Rick Hanson has developed a simple, evidence-based technique (endorsed by everyone from Thich ...
4 days 5 hours
Nigeria: Obesity - Nigeria's Growing Disease of Affluence, Poverty  AllAfrica.comObesity, once the exclusive preserve of Nigeria's rich, has now taken a toll on the country's poor, with several millions already afflicted with the condition. Martins ...
4 days 6 hours
‘They all became animals’: My grandfather remembers the trauma and violence of India’s Partition  Scroll.inDespite witnessing or hearing about unbelievable cruelties, my Dada has an almost diasporic longing to return to the subcontinent.
4 days 7 hours
Should SC police seize guns based on threats, but no crime? Trump, Graham say ‘yes’  Durham Herald SunRepublican US Senator Lindsey Graham, President Donald Trump and police support a bill that would stop dangerous people from purchasing firearms.
4 days 10 hours
'I'm sorry, bro': Accused robber begs with armed guard and gets shot  Yahoo NewsA video captures the moment the suspect stumbles on the ground and begs with the armed security guard.
4 days 12 hours
Solano Co. jail took away his medic alert tag, then gave him the drug that killed him  KTVU San FranciscoWhen an 83-year-old veteran was booked in Solano Co. jail, a correctional officer took away his only lifeline to protect him from a deadly drug allergy: a medic ...
4 days 12 hours
After 33 years, Longview murder suspect institutionalized, not imprisoned  Longview Daily NewsAfter waiting more than three decades to confess to murdering another man at a Longview hotel and another year for the wheels of justice to turn, Glenn Eric ...
4 days 17 hours
Useful Idiot  Commentary MagazineIts back cover features encomia from Reza Aslan, Andrew Cockburn, and Oliver Stone, and its jacket copy promises that readers will find in its pages “the real ...
4 days 18 hours
The Role of Schools In Suicide Prevention  New Hampshire Public RadioA new law requires schools in New Hampshire impliment suicide prevention policies , which include prevention training for school staff. The measure comes.
4 days 21 hours
How the Exploding CBD Trend Is Manifesting in the Pet Industry  PetProductNews.comThe pace at which marketers are flooding the cannabidiol (CBD) space is stunning, and the phenomenon has important implications for both the pet ...