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3 days 17 min
Social isolation, loneliness in older people pose health risks  National Institute on AgingSocial isolation and loneliness can affect the physical and mental health of older adults, including those with cognitive impairment. Read about research on risk ...
3 days 2 hours
Two rival politicians accused each other of using drugs. The result was a showdown at a urinalysis lab.  Washington PostAs it turns out, the two Connecticut Democrats aren't the first to submit to a drug screening in hopes of scoring political points.
3 days 5 hours
X Patients May Benefit from Cognitive Training Program, Trial Finds  Fragile X News TodayA computerized cognitive training program can improve working memory and cognition and increase the attention span of fragile X patients, a trial shows.
3 days 15 hours
The ‘shared psychosis’ between Trump and his followers: Yale psychiatrist  Raw StoryOn Monday, President Donald Trump continued claiming full exoneration, even as more damning evidence was culled from the Mueller report. And it appears to ...
3 days 23 hours
Monday, April 22, 2019  Kaiser Health NewsAsylum seekers from Mexico and Central America, housed in migrant shelters in the border city of Tijuana, Mexico, are often sick and exhausted from their long ...
4 days 47 min
No More Time on the Couch: The Rise of Digital Mental Health Therapeutics  ObserverLearn to Live, Big Health and MyStrength are just a few of the companies bringing what is known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT, to the masses via ...
4 days 2 hours
Patient Care Improves When Patients Care  Pager Publications, Inc.I will never forget the patient who shocked my preconceived notions about health care. He was a thirty-nine-year old male on the verge of leaving the hospital ...
4 days 9 hours
Best Psychiatrists in Sydney  Best in AustraliaLocal Sydney Psychiatrists - leading Psychiatrists who diagnose, prevent, treatment of mental disorders. List of the best Psychiatrists in Sydney.
4 days 19 hours
Could the answer to menopausal hot flushes be all in the mind? Karen Pickering began experiencing signs of the menopause at 51, three years ago, she was an experienced, capable nurse working in medical ...
4 days 23 hours
10 Canceled TV Shows We Never Got To See (And 10 That Went On Too Long)  Screen RantSome television shows hit all the right buttons but even those we consider masterpieces aren't meant to go on forever.