Jerry Brown pushing depopulation in California: Too many people, not enough water, something has to go!

(NaturalNews) Californians might want to pay a bit more attention to the governor of their state, as he is openly musing about a draconian idea to deal with the ongoing drought: depopulation.As reported by The Daily Caller, Brown recently stated before the Metropolitan Water District...

Aluminum contamination implicated in dementia and bee deaths

(NaturalNews) An insect form of Alzheimer's disease caused by aluminum contamination may be one of the causes behind an ongoing decline in populations of bees and other pollinators, according to a study conducted by researchers from the universities of Keele and Sussex and published...

Chemical companies push for law to determine their own safety standards

(NaturalNews) If ever there was an initiative steeped in bias and a deep disregard for a "best for everyone" approach, it's the one taking place among chemical giants such as Dow, DuPont, Honeywell and 3M. These companies, and the people who have ties with them, are actually attempting...

How celeb Jessica Alba built an eco-friendly empire selling non-toxic household essentials

(NaturalNews) Famous for her natural beauty and superb acting skills that have allowed her to star in a multitude of diverse roles, native Californian Jessica Alba is anything but ordinary. While you might recognizer her from a number of popular films including Sin City, Fantastic...

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