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Military intelligence confirms Natural News warning: Twelve missing commercial jets may now be deployed as weapons against U.S. cities

(NaturalNews) On March 24 of this year, I wrote a story entitled Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 now clearly a government cover-up: All evidence contradicts official story.In that story, I now seems increasingly likely that the Flight 370 aircraft has, indeed, been...

The coming oil collapse will lead to global famine followed by food revolution and renewal

(NaturalNews) The era we are all witnessing in our world right now may one day be called the "era of collapse." As is now evident to anyone paying attention, humans are rapidly using up all the world's finite resources. Water aquifers are being pumped dry, rare earth minerals are...

Animals are able to judge whether something is fair or not

(NaturalNews) Humans aren't the only animals that understand the concept of fairness, according to research presented recently at the 122nd Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.Fairness is a topic of particular interest to researchers who study the evolution...


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