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Counteract ADHD in the Classroom With Morning Exercise

School can be rough on a kid—stuck in a chair for hours a day, listening to teachers drone on about topics that aren't always the most riveting. Now consider the added challenge that children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) face.

A Beekeeper's 6 Tips for Picking Honey

Adapted from FutureChefs
For some young cooks, preparing food is as much about a social message as it is about the flavors and composition of the dishes themselves. Add to that list Orren Fox of Massachusetts, who first became interested in the plight of farm animals before he was 10 years old.

Four Keys to Smart Snacking

Snacking: It's one of the biggest challenges against health and weight loss. Even if you are eating the most nutritious meals, snacking on the wrong foods too often between meals adds to the unwanted bulge and impinges on your health. Why is it that some people find the snacking challenge so hard yet others have no problem? To win the battle of the bulge, you have to know your enemy. 
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